Unleash the Power of Your Phone

Everyone is obsessed with talking about the latest Chat or email solution for Dealerships to try. Most dealerships have a solution in place to handle chat and email and place a lot of focus on ensuring potential customers get the information they need in a timely and efficient manner. That is great and of course needed, but the conversion on these types of leads tends to be low as the prospect may still be in the research phase and not planning to purchase for up to 3 months. Basically, our goal is to turn what is essentially a warm lead into a hot prospect, ready to walk through the doors at the dealership and complete the deal simply by using the power of your phone.

This leads us to our old, neglected and trusty friend, that we seem to have forgotten! The telephone, yes the phone. Considered by many as ancient technology, dealerships do little more than make sure they have a telephone to answer calls and really spend little if no effort on the customer experience. We spend time and money training on how to, and how often to, respond to emails and chats, but when was the last time your team received training on how to properly handle a phone call?

According to a recent Media Hawk survey, when a prospect phones a dealership they are likely to buy within 48 hours! That makes for one HOT lead with a high conversion probability, if your team handles the call correctly. But leave the call on hold for more than 40 seconds, or handle it wrong, and they will often move on to the next dealership and the opportunity is lost.

So train your team to know the basics:


  1. Fast Beats Slow – answer on the first ring!
  2. Answer with a smile – Tone of voice makes a difference!
  3. Ask for the contact details – give information, get information!
  4. Ask for the appointment – Invite them in.. Do not wait until the end of the call.


  1. Use jargon – The prospect doesn’t know what it means
  2. Be distracted – give the person your undivided attention.
  3. Tell them to research on the internet – you should be their trusted source of information!

A small investment of time and energy will – unleash the power of your phone!

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