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Prospects Not Ups

It’s only a small thing, but it’s time we started thinking or potential customers as “Prospects” and not “Ups”. This Quick Tip explains why and the potential benefits for your store.

Consistent Email Signatures

Sometimes doing the basics right can make a huge difference to your overall performance and in this Quick Tip, Andy Church discusses why it’s so important to make sure your staffs email signatures are aligned.

Silent Sales Person

Andy Church (andyc@aseamericas.com) presents a great idea for in store sales promotion, for under $30! This silent sales device will put your latest deals and offers right in front of your customers eyes at the point of purchase.

Life Value of a Customer

How much money are your customers really worth? In this PBA Quick Tip Andy Church discusses the true value of a customer over their time interacting with your Dealership. This Quick Tip will help identify the true potential of your business and help focus Management.

FREE TOOL – Email PBA@ASEAmericas.com and use the phrase “Free Tool” in the subject line and we will send you a free PBA “Life Value of a Customer” Excel calculator.