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Planning Quick Tip 5 of 5 – Business Plan Follow-Up

The final part to the planning process is the continual follow-up actions.  If you’ve invested the time and effort to complete your prep, have a team meeting, create a plan, get buy-in from all Department Managers and create an action plan, but then fail to complete follow-up actions, the plan will fail and it won’t deliver the success and profitability you need.

Planning Quick Tip 1 of 5 – Business Planning Process

Planning for your individual Department without considering all Departments or creating a plan for the whole Store without getting the buy-in from each Department Manager will create a plan destined to fail.

First, it’s essential to have a plan, a plan that is designed to deliver success, but it’s just as essential to have a plan that has the buy-in of all the Department Managers.  Our Planning Process Quick Tip gives you the steps to follow to ensure you create a plan that has the input and agreement of all the right people.  A plan that is agreed and understood by Department Managers will have the best chance of being followed and achieved.