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Profit By Action OEM Training includes:

  • – Business Management (BM)
  • – Successful Dealer Visits
  • – Business Planning
  • – Key Performance Indicator Interpretation
  • – Utilizing Composite Reports
  • – Understanding your Marketplace
  • – Dealership Marketing
  • – Methods to Drive Profitability

Contact ASE today on (866) 308-7578 for more information on how the Profit By Action approach will engaged your Field Team, ensuring they understands how a successful dealership operates and how they can assist in your Dealers success.

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The foundation of the OEM / Dealership relationship is the Field Management Team.  To be a true success, the Field Force must be seen by the Dealers as essential partners that add value to their business.  So much so that they would even be willing to pay for their time, much as they would for a consultant or trainer.  This is not to say that we endeavor to turn every field person into a consultant or trainer, rather the goal is to provide them with skills and understanding of a modern Retail Automotive Dealership and how it operates, sells, and makes profit, so they can offer guidance and advice in a meaningful and empathetic way.

Profit By Action’s Development Course “Field Managers – Understanding Dealer Success” is a complete approach to increasing the knowledge and skills of any OEM Field Team.  Through a consistent and engaging approach, Field Managers receive 1 to 3 hours of online learning / coaching per month in all of the essential aspects of Dealership and Automotive operations.  We utilize the proven approach of “frequency breeds retention” by delivering a new Module each month that builds on the previous month and increases the effectiveness and application, far more than the traditional approach of a day of training, then another day 6 months, or a year, later.

The Profit By Action approach provides practical examples, applications, documents, and best practices delivered on any computer or mobile device.  You can also track your entire team in real time, see and analyze what modules are being completed, test scores, and which supporting materials are being downloaded by the team.

Contact ASE to get started taking your Field Team to the next level today!

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