OEM: Face to Face Coaching


Profit By Action OEM Face to Face Training includes:

  • – Business Management (BM)
  • – Successful Dealer Visits
  • – Business Planning
  • – Key Performance Indicator Interpretation
  • – Utilizing Composite Reports
  • – Understanding your Marketplace
  • – Dealership Marketing
  • – Methods to Drive Profitability
  • – Case Studies
  • – Network Performance Reviews
  • – BM for Parts Managers
  • – BM for Service Managers
  • – BM for Sales Managers


Contact ASE today on (866) 308-7578 for more information on how the Profit By Action approach will engaged your Department Managers, ensuring they understand how a successful dealership operates and how they can drive and sustain profitability.

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The Profit By Action approach is not to cancel or ignore face to face training, nor is it to say there is no value in it and that all training should be online.  In fact, it’s the complete opposite!

There is great value in meeting as a team in a face to face environment.  We work with our OEM clients to define agendas and information, to ensure training achieves a great return on your investment!

That said, we have proven results that show the value of face to face training can be increased and at a much lower cost, by including an online component.  Online training creates a level playing field on the basics, the blocking and tackling if you will.  Then when the Face to face training starts we can set the stage and drive more focused meaning discussions throughout the day.  The Team has more time to share their experiences, what has worked and what has not, recommendations on various approaches to dealer issues and team building.

Think about it, would a director of a play ever say, “don’t worry about learning your lines”?  No way!

The goal is to provide the Field Force with the skills, tools and support system to be successful and increase sales, engagement and dealer profitability, while also taking care of the day to day operations themselves.  Completing the online and face to face engagements together will arm the team with the tools and skills to execute.  Moving forward, face to face training is more focused on how to monitor KPI’s to ensure progress is being made along the road to success, instead of explaining definitions, calculations, and the basic operations of a modern Automotive Dealership!  We explain how to use KPI’s to investigate the ‘what’ and to implement the ‘how’, to maximize the financial and retention results.

Contact ASE to get started taking your Field Team to the next level, today!

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