Field Managers: Understanding Dealer Success

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Developing your understanding and application of Dealer Operations & Profitability.

Designed specifically for OEM Field Managers, the Understanding Dealer Success Course will improve the retail business knowledge of any OEM’s Field force.  The training examines how a Dealer should operate on a daily basis in order to improve performance and maximize profitability.  The course focuses on all departments (not just sales) and explores what you need to know to consult, improve and maximize departmental profitability, including; business management, business processes, operations, KPI’s, sales, marketing, planning and execution.

The video based course is comprised of actual Dealer Training material with additional Field Manager content, meaning you get to see what and how a Dealer Manager is taught with a layer of relevant references for the Field Manager.

The Course Modules include:

  • Introduction to Business Management
  • Relationships & Expenses
  • KPI’s That Matter
  • Marketing: Customer Retention
  • Operational Processes
  • Managing Your Department
  • Customer Contact Skills
  • Marketing: Customer Acquisition
  • Winning Back Customers
  • Recruitment & Retention (inc. Pay Plans)
  • Business Planning
  • Income Optimization
  • Be Your Own Consultant

To support your learning, the Course is supported with the ability to directly contact the Lesson Teacher (via messaging) where you can ask questions about the Lesson or any of the provided material, documents and calculators.

This is a really powerful course for OEM’s who want to support the success and profitability of their Dealer network.

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