Develop Managers to Grow Your Bottom Line!

Department Managers have an enormous impact on your Dealerships Profitability. That impact can either be positive, or negative. The choice is really up to you. We would never let the coach on the field without a playbook and a strategy, yet as an industry we let our managers “play” every day without the skills and support to manager their teams. Ask yourself “do I have a plan in place to ensure my managers have a positive outcome on the bottom line?”

Managers have so much influence over the daily operations of the business you would think we spend tons of time and money developing leaders who understand how the business operates, how we make money, deliver great customer experiences, get and keep great staff, plan the business, all of the essentials in running a successful department and dealership.

Unfortunately, we find there is no strategy or plan for these essential team members. Managers are just good people, doing the best they can with the tools provided. The average department manager has been promoted through the ranks (which can be a very positive thing) but actually never received training in how to be a manager and be successful in the job. Sure, we show them how to work the computer (a little), how to handle customer situations, and how to juggle, and say “get on with it”. But do we actually have a plan in place to improve their skill set, knowledge, and understanding of how to drive the business and contribute to the bottom line?

Here’s how to start turning the tide for your team and increase your managers skills and knowledge:

  1. Make it a topic of conversation – At your next Managers meeting ask the Managers where they believe they might benefit from additional training. Then act to fill the gaps.
  2. Create a training plan – Making Manager training a monthly habit drives the whole team forward and gives you a “Topic of the Month” to focus on with your team. For example, ASE’s Profit By Action training portal does all the work for you and provides a 12 month guided training and support plan for each Manager.  www.profitbyaction.com.  The Profit By Action training plan includes every topic a manager needs to be a success, from the basics of the business, to financials, to operations, to recruiting and managing the team.
  3. Follow up – At each Managers meeting have each Manager say 1 thing they learned that month and how they applied it to the business to drive the bottom line!

Take the 3 actions above and your team will have the competitive edge to drive profitability and increase your bottom line!

Questions or want to talk more? Message or email me andyc@aseamericas.com

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