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Question: How is Profit By Action different from other automotive online training providers?

  • To start, Profit By Action is not simply sales training. Profit By Action’s main focus is your profitability, meaning we focus our courses on automotive operations and best practices with real world profit improvement examples, rather than the typical sales training and sales process content.
  • Profit By Action has a published commitment to our customers, ensuring we deliver real profit improvement courses and materials, supported by genuine automotive experts and teachers. View the Customer Commitment.
  • Profit By Action’s online training is fully interactive, meaning you can contact lesson experts at anytime, via messaging or the Live Chat tool. We make sure you get the answers you need while you’re taking the lessons. Want to try us out, use the Live Chat now and speak to one of our experts.

Question: What type of training does Profit By Action provide?

  • Profit By Action offers both structured Manager Development Programs and individual Specialty Subject Courses.
  • The General and Manager Development Programs start with business basics and quickly delve into the requirements, processes and operations needed to achieve the 3 elements of maximizing profitability; Selling More, Making More and Spending Less. Click to view the Development Programs.
  • The Specialty Courses focus on a single subject area, such as phone skills, creating a winning business plan, recruiting & retaining great employees, key performance indicators and dives right into the heart of the subject, giving the user immediate ideas for change and profit maximization. Click to view the Specialty Courses.

Question: How are the training courses structured?

  • The Courses are structured around Modules, Lesson and Quizzes.
  • The Development Programs are 12 month engagements (with no contract) that follow a specific profit improvement syllabus. Learners get proactively dripped a new subject (or Module) each month and that Module is made up of Lessons. Most Lessons have a short Quiz at the end, designed to ensure the key lessons points have been learnt. Quizzes have to be passed before the Learner can progress to the next Lesson.
  • Specialty Subject Courses are made up of a single Module with multiple Lessons and Quizzes. All of the content is available immediately as there is no drip fed content.

Question: Are the training videos just talking heads?

  • Simply put, No. The Profit By Action training material does use talking head videos, but only as a small part of the overall training.
  • The training videos are professional graphic/narration based content that has talking head videos intersected where appropriate. The videos are also supported with downloadable materials that you can take, customize and utilize in your daily operations to help drive profitability, immediately.
  • And remember, ALL of our lessons give you the ability to contact a lesson teacher, so you are never learning on your own.

Question: Do you provide any downloadable material with your courses?

  • Yes. Where appropriate, the Lessons are supported with documents that a Learner can download directly from the Lesson screen.
  • The documents are always Microsoft Office compatible, unlocked and fully customizable, so you can utilize them in your Dealership.
  • The documents include, Excel calculators, operations guides, process plans, management tools and much more.

Question: Can I contact anyone if I have any questions while I’m taking a course?

  • Yes. ALL of the Profit By Action Lessons give the Learner the ability to “Contact Lesson Teacher”.
  • Profit By Actions online training is interactive, we are here to support and help you with your development, not just sell you a course.
  • Profit By Actions support staff are all automotive professionals, experienced in driving real profit improvements.

Question: How long is the contract term, if I sign up for a course?

  • 0 months. Profit By Action was created to help Dealers maximize their profitability and as such it makes no sense for us to be a burden to your balance sheet. We’re here to help drive your business, so we’ve scrapped fixed term contracts across all of our training material.
  • We are a no risk supplier, you can cancel at any time, hassle free.

Question: Can I watch the lessons more than once?

  • Yes, as many times as you like.
  • The development Program Lessons have to be completed in order, but once you have watched them and taken the Lesson Quiz, you can go back and watch them in any order and at nay time.
  • The Specialty Courses gives you immediate access to all Lessons and they can be taken in any order and watched as often as required.

Question: Do I get a certification?

  • Yes. Once all the Quizzes are completed for all the Lessons of your chosen course, you will receive a PDF certificate that can be printed a displayed at your office for your colleagues to admire.
  • As you progress through the Courses, you will be emailed a notification each time you pass a Quiz or complete a Lesson. These are for your records or to share internally if your organization requires you to do so.

Question: Are there any tests and will they take me long to complete?

  • The Lessons are supported by Quizzes that are designed to make sure you’ve absorbed the key points from the Lesson.
  • The Quizzes are made up of True/False or Multiple choice questions that can typically be completed in under 4 minutes.
  • Your answers are graded automatically and immediately, so you don’t have to wait for your grade or to move onto the next Lesson.

Question: Can I see the results and/or track the performance of my Dealership staff?

  • Yes. Profit By Action provides a Managers’ Performance Review Dashboard that displays relevant data relating to the Dealership staff enrolled, such as; Name, Last Activity Date, Lessons Taken, Test Scores, Documents Downloaded and more.
  • Visibility to the performance dashboard is defined by the Dealership and a summary of the Dashboard is emailed weekly to the Manager.
  • Performance data can be displayed by Individuals, by Manager Role and by Dealerships, to accommodate large Dealer Groups.

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