Customer Commitment

Our commitment to you and your business.

Commitment To You

We know that it’s easy for online businesses and services to over promise and under deliver, which is why we want you to know how serious we are about our commitment to you and your success.  We’re so passionate about your business, that we’ve created a commitment charter that you can hold us too, and that we hold ourselves accountable too.

Profit By Action Customer Commitment

  1. Private & Secure

    Profit By Action doesn’t share your personal data with any third parties.  What’s private to you is private to us.

  2. Profit Commitment

    Profit By Action has a commitment to Profit, your Profit!  All the courses we write and material we produced is designed to drive your profitability.

  3. Expert Support

    Profit By Action provides human support from real automotive industry experts.  Whether you call, email, chat or message, you will always be in touch with an industry expert.

  4. Proactive Teaching Environment

    Profit By Action’s online courses have direct access to a Lesson Teacher, so you won’t ever feel abandoned.  If you have any questions as you go through the course, just ask.

  5. Keeping You Engaged

    Profit By Action Pledges to keep you and your team engaged.  Our content is fresh, relevant and updated on a regular basis.  We’re constantly adding new material so your subscription won’t involve just watching the same 5 videos over and over again.

  6. Value For Money

    Our cost effective Courses and Memberships are priced fairly, so our programs don’t become a burden to your balance sheet.


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